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Why should I switch to propane?

Why should I switch to propane?

Propane offers a more portable and cleaner solution to heating your home than traditional energy sources

Mayes-Martin Ltd in Orillia, Ontario explains the benefits of using propane and why you should make the switch

There are many advantages to using propane over burning oil. Propane has more uses than traditional heating oil. A propane furnace can be used to heat your home and your water. In addition, you can use propane to run other household appliances and heat your pool. Propane is considered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to be more environmentally friendly than heating oil due to its lower carbon dioxide output. It’s also approved as a clean fuel since it doesn’t contaminant soil or water if a leak occurs. Mayes-Martin Ltd in Orillia, Ontario would like to discuss some of the benefits of propane and why you should use it as an energy source for your home.


Propane is available in abundance in Canada. This country is the 7th largest producer of propane in the world, and produces 3.5% of the world supply and uses only half of that domestically; the rest of Canada's propane is exported. The infrastructure is in place to transport, store, and dispense propane safely and efficiently to Canadians.


Today, central air propane furnaces are available with AFUE ratings as high as 97 percent, meaning these units can be highly efficient at converting fuel into heat. Moreover, to maximize efficiency and energy use, most propane furnaces today eliminate the need for a standing pilot light by replacing it with an electronic ignition. This allows the thermostat to turn on the burners only when fuel is required.


Generally, propane systems require very little maintenance. As with any heating system, it is recommended to have a qualified service technician inspect the unit once a year.

Propane is Portable

Propane can be stored, transported and used almost anywhere, and won't deteriorate over time. Storage cylinders and tanks come in a range of sizes. In many cases, it's the only fuel used in remote locations because of its portability, especially for applications where demand patterns change, such as construction sites or cottages.

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Last Updated On: January 29, 2016
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